Side Dish-2-Main Dish Academy

A suite of courses to educate, inspire, and support you on your journey to real and lasting diet and lifestyle change.


7-Day Power Plan: Setting the Stage for Change

Welcome to Side Dish-2-Main Dish ACADEMY The "7-Day Power Plan: Setting the Stage for Change" will take you though ...

$39.00 USD

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Here's what you'll get in these courses designed to help you to make successful and lasting change

Self Assessment

Set the stage for successful change by assessing exactly where you are now.

Values & Belief systems

Clarify and prioritize your values and belief systems to live in alignment.


Learn to overcome fears and get out of your own way.

Release and Accept

Release mental blocks and accept new and positive changes into your life.


Gain a new freedom from self-sabotage and habits that hold you back.

Videos - Audio - Support

Get in touch with your inner self with educational videos and audio meditations, and connect with others.